Heidrun & Ralf Geisler, Germany February 13, 2024

We visited Nepal to see the rhinos and of course as many birds as possible. And we were lucky to have Shankar as our guide. We saw a lot of rhinos and more birds than we could ever have had imagined. Because his eyes are exceptional. We loved his special interest for owls which were up to this time a strange species for us. And even early in the morning he drove me out of the bathroom to show to me a Blue-eared Kingfisher, which is very rarely to see. His knowledge about birds is incredible. When he visited us in Germany, we went to the internationally very well known Senckenberg Museum for natural science, which hosts a comprehensive collection of preserved birds. And he identified al least three species, which had been identified wrongly by the scientists. But on top of all he is a very friendly and lovable guy. It’s fun to be on tour with him.