Thomas Voskuhl February 13, 2024

I wrote to Shankar Tiwari just about 10 days before my trip to Nepal and was lucky that he was free. Very quick I got a clear answer and some proposals. When I arrived in Nepal a change was necessary which didn’t made any problem at all. I had wished for a lot of mountain birding with many hours of hiking, target bird being Himalayan Monal. Shankar picked an excellent route, we saw the target bird already on the evening of the first hiking day, then more than 40 more during the next days, and we also had really close and good views. During our 10 days birding I understood Shankar´s great bird guide qualities: He knows all the songs, can attract the birds by whistling, and is really patient (with the birds and me) so that nearly all the birds could be identified and have been seen well by me; we hardly ever had the unsatisfying feeling of something nice passing without identification. Nepal with Shankar was definitely my best birding experience in Asia!