Makalu Barun National Park Birding Trek 22 Days - Private Tour

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Extremely Popular

Trip Grading:
Moderate to Challenging
Max Elevation
Varies, potentially reaching over 8,000 meters at Makalu Base Camp.
Major Attractions
Birdwatching in Makalu Barun National Park, stunning Himalayan scenery, diverse flora and fauna.
Best Season
Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November).
Provided during the trek, typically including local Nepali cuisine and international options.
Mix of teahouses and camping along the trekking route.
Transportation options
Typically involves a combination of domestic flights, private vehicles, and trekking on foot.
Trip Start/End
Begins and ends in Kathmandu, Nepal.


High in the heart of the eastern Himalayan, seven valleys radiate from Mt. Makalu, the world’s fifth highest peak. These valleys, particularly the Barun valley, treasure some of the last remaining pristine forest and alpine meadows of Nepal. From the bottom of the Arun valley, at just 435 m above sea level, the Himalayas rise to the snow-capped tip of Makalu 8463 m within a 40 km distance. Within this wide range of altitudes and climates, the Makalu-Barun area contains some of the richest and most diverse pockets of plants Birds and animals in Nepal, elsewhere lost to spreading human habitation.
Nestled in the lower reaches of these valleys are communities of Rai, Sherpa, and Shingsawa (Bhotia) farmers. Though economically poor and isolated, they retain a rich cultural heritage. They hold the key to the preservation of the unique biological and cultural treasures of the Makalu-Barun area.
The Makalu-Barun National Park and Conservation Area was established in 1992 as Nepal’s eighth national park and the first to include and adjacent inhabited conservation area as a buffer. A new park management approach encourages local people to become actively involved in protecting the forests and natural resources upon which their lives depend, and in conserving their own rich cultural heritage. Traditional resource management systems, such as community controlled grazing and forest guardianship, are being strengthened and low level technologies introduced where appropriate. Working in collaboration with an American NGO, Woodlands Mountain Institute, His Majesty’s Government, Nepal is striving to improve local living standards through infrastructure, educational and income-generating activities.
Covering 2330 sq. km Makalu-Barun is a vital component of the greater Mount Everest ecosystem which includes Nepal’s 1,148 sq. km Sagarmatha (Mount Everest) National Park to the west and the 35000 sq. km Comolangma Nature Preserve in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China to the north.

This trek will offer you most adventure and best experiences of trek in remote vergin and not spoiled forests with many rarities like: Satyr Tragopan, Blood Pheasant, Wallcreeper, Silver-eared Mesia, Coral-billed Scimitar Babbler, White-gorgeted Flycatcher, Long-tailed Broadbill, Crested Bunting, Scarlet Finch, Grosbeaks, Gold-naped Finch, Bull Finches, Rose Finches, Accentors, Mountain Finches, Upland Pipit, Sunbirds, Flowerpeckers, Parrotbills, Fire-tailed Myzornis, Gould’s Shortwing, White-tailed Rubythroat, Yuhinas, Fulvettas, Minlas and Shrike Babblers, Wren Babblers, Blue-winged and many other Laughing Thrushes, Tesias, Thrushes, Minivets, Magpie and treepies, Woodpeckers, Rapters and many more.

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(Golden Triangle Tour) Kathmandu – Chitwan – Pokhara

What’s included?

  1. Birdwatching in Makalu Barun National Park
  2. Stunning Himalayan scenery
  3. Diverse flora and fauna
  4. Moderate to challenging trekking grade
  5. Spring and Autumn seasons
  6. Local Nepali cuisine and international options
  7. Teahouse accommodation
  8. Combination of domestic flights, private vehicles, and trekking
  9. Starting and ending in Kathmandu, Nepal

What’s Excluded?

  1. Luxury accommodations
  2. Non-birdwatching activities
  3. Water-based activities
  4. Urban sightseeing
  5. Extreme physical challenges

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