Nepal Wildlife Adventure 18 Days - Private Tour

- Excellent
Extremely Popular

Trip Grading:
Moderate to Challenging
Max Elevation
Varies, potentially reaching over 8,000 meters
Major Attractions
Exotic wildlife, stunning landscapes, cultural experiences
Best Season
Autumn (September to November) and Spring (March to May)
Traditional Nepali cuisine and international options provided
Mix of lodges, guesthouses, and tented camps
Transportation options
Domestic flights, private vehicles, trekking
Trip Start/End
Kathmandu, Nepal


Embark on a thrilling Nepal Wildlife Adventure where the journey traverses through diverse landscapes and encounters exotic wildlife, from Bengal tigers to snow leopards, amidst lush jungles and towering Himalayan peaks. With a moderate to challenging grading, the trip offers an immersive experience into Nepal’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage, complemented by traditional Nepali cuisine and international fare. Accommodations range from comfortable lodges to tented camps, while transportation encompasses domestic flights, private vehicles, and trekking on foot, with the journey commencing and concluding in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Photo/Visual Gallery

Itinerary Detail

What’s included?

  1. Exotic wildlife sightings
  2. Diverse landscapes
  3. Cultural experiences
  4. Traditional Nepali cuisine
  5. Comfortable accommodations
  6. Domestic flights
  7. Private vehicles
  8. Trekking

What’s Excluded?

  1. Extreme physical challenges
  2. Luxury accommodations
  3. Non-Nepali cuisine
  4. Extreme altitude trekking
  5. Water-based activities

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